Harbor Notes 2023

Vessels at Thomsen Harbor, March 2023

The Sitka Harbor Department’s plans for 2023 include, first and foremost, replacement/repair of Eliason Harbor’s electrical infrastructure. Says Harbormaster Stan Eliason, “This is a high priority, and we are currently in the midst of applying for a federal grant for the project. We should hear back by October of this year.” Funds are to be obligated by September 30, 2026, and expended within five years of obligation.

Another high priority is the Fishermen’s Work Float. An application has been submitted for Alaska state funding, and “this year, the state has actually ranked us in the top three.” Eliason has applied for $2.6 million and will hear the results in October at the Harbormasters’ Conference in Ketchikan. The scoring of state grant applications is announced at this conference held each fall by the Alaska Association of Harbormasters & Port Administrators (AAHP).

Reflecting on the anticipated 2023 cruise ship season, Eliason says he is feeling okay about it. “We have a number of people interested in dealing with Port Security, so that’s good.”

Charges are in place for use of the Eliason Harbor Drive-Down Load Dock and the Tidal Grid, Eliason noted. The Load Dock is NOT to be used as moorage – it is not free after the first 24 hours.

Eliason also took care to mention some new features available on the CBS Harbor website. One feature is an option for users to request Harbor email notifications about such things as construction projects, power outages and extreme weather. Visit cityofsitka.com/departments/Harbors. New moorage rates are anticipated July 1st and can be found at cityofsitka.com/departments/Harbors/harbor-rates.