Harbor Notes 2021

The rebuilding of Crescent Harbor was completed in late 2020, after delays related to Covid-19 and the complexity of restoring electrical power to all the floats. All boats are back in their slips now.

“The boats which did not need electrical were back in place by May of 2020. After that, power was restored to each float, one at a time.” The final returns were in late summer.

The project was “a challenge,” pronounces Harbormaster Stan Eliason. “Now we’re done; it’s time to move on.”

Electrical replacement in Eliason Harbor is now one of the biggest needs.

“It’s all about funding,” says Eliason. Sitka has applied for Tier 2 grant funding from the state three times before, and “we’re getting close. There is a dire need – the electrical should have been replaced a while ago.”

The Eliason project is expected to cost just over $4 million, and state funding (if granted) would be reflected in a 50-50 match. The state will start by reconsidering applications from last year, Sitka’s included.

What else? Eliason says, “Eventually, we’re going to have to replace the Fisherman’s Work Float (under the bridge).”

Moorage rates did increase in 2020, and another 5% increase is expected in July of this year.

Charges are in place for use of the Eliason Harbor Drive-Down Load Dock and the Tidal Grid. The Load Dock is NOT to be used as moorage – it is not free after the first 24 hours.

The Raw Fish Tax monies received in 2020 (for the 2019 season) were $621,756 (about 48% out of a total $1.1 million). Eliason anticipates the pot from 2020 will turn out to be smaller but will not know until September of 2021 or later.